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The Health Sciences Institute of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University had been founded in September 2006 by the senate judgment. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and The School of Health are postgraduate education modules of the institute.

Master Degree Program: Students with a bachelor’s degree from a high school of 4 year education period or an equal degree are accepted to Ms Programs for activities include scientific research and application. The education period of Ms Program is at least 4 semesters with an Ms Thesis or 3 semesters without Ms Thesis.

Doctorate (PhD) Program: Students with an Ms degree or with a diplomaed at least 10 semesters bachelor’s degree from the faculties of Veterinary, Dentistry and Medicine or with a specialist degree from the faculties of Pharmacy and Science are accepted to PhD Programs. The education period of PhD Program is at least 10 semesters for students with a specialist degree or 8 semesters for students with diplomaed from Veterinary, Dentistry and Medicine Faculties or Ms degree.

The Health Sciences Institute’s managerial and student offices are located, on the ground floor of the Veterinary Faculty, on İstiklal Campus. In the Institute, 1 director office, 2 deputy room, 1 secretary room, 1 personnel affairs room, 1 secretariat room, 1 student affairs room,   1 principal clerk room, 1 archive room, 1 store room are located. Institute’s educational and laboratory activities are conducting every department’s own physical areas.  

Institute of health sciences provides 10 Master Degree Programmes,1 Collaborative Master Degree Program, 5 Doctorate (PhD) Programmes and 6 Collaborative Doctorate (PhD) Programmes following:

Master Degree Programs

  • Veterinary Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Animal Science Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Histology and Embryology Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Internal Medicine Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Microbiology Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynecology Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Parasitology Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Pathology Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology Master Degree Programs
  • Veterinary Surgery Master Degree Programs

Collaborative Master Degree Programs

  • Veterinary Virology Collaborative Master Degree Programs

Doctorate Programs

  • Veterinary Animal Science Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Histology and Embryology Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Internal Medicine Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Parturition and Gynecology Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Surgery Doctorate Programs

Collaborative Doctorate Programs

  • Veterinary Anatomy Collaborative Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases Collaborative Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Biochemistry Collaborative Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Histology and Embryology Collaborative Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Physiology Collaborative Doctorate Programs
  • Veterinary Virology Collaborative Doctorate Programs



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